The Placing Project

Placing is intended to be a critical and cultural exploration of place, writing place and place writing. Fundamentally, the project will result in a number of writings and publications addressing the intersection of cultural and urban life.

The objective of the project is to draw out emerging and changing ideas about urban environments with a particular emphasis on the role artists, designers, planners, architects and other urbanists can play as changemakers. It is grounded in a critical planning approach or praxis that is attentive to the need for innovation and change (restructuring, retrofitting, recreating, replacing, renewing, redirection etc). It is intended to "act in the service of what is seeking to emerge".

Theorist Jane Rendell engages the idea of ‘site writing’, interleaving the word with site and architecture. Placing considers practices of place. However, the project is not only about practices of place but also about practices of writing place. Place is both a noun and a verb. This prompts an inquiry of place as something we do; beyond placemaking.  

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